New York golfers can obtain a USGA/GHIN Handicap Index by joining an existing NYSGA member club. The NYSGA is comprised of clubs throughout the Empire State, in which any golfer that belongs to an NYSGA member club is also a member of the NYSGA. 

NYSGA eClub Memberships

If you do not belong to a member club or do not plan on joining one, the NYSGA offers direct membership to the association through one of our ten NYSGA eClubs. This membership includes a USGA/GHIN Handicap Index, the use of the GHIN mobile application to keep track of scores, stats, your handicap and more!

**Click Here to Activate a GHIN Handicap for the 2018 Season**

Additionally, NYSGA eClub members will be eligible to compete in NYSGA championships and NYSGA Amateur Series tournaments, and take advantage of all the NYSGA member benefits.

Note: If you already have a GHIN Handicap Index but want to join an NYSGA eClub, you can keep your current GHIN number by entering it during the registration process. This will ensure you will not have to enter scores for multiple GHIN numbers!

If you have any questions, please contact the NYSGA at 315-471-6979.