2019 NYSGA Amateur Series Schedule

Date Course Region time
May 7 Wanakah CC Buffalo 9:30am
May 9 Shenendoah GC Utica 12:30pm
May 10 Kaluhyat GC Utica 1:00pm
May 13 Cavalry Club  Syracuse 9:30am
May 13 Irondequoit CC Rochester 12:00pm
May 16 Shenendoah GC Utica 1:00pm
May 21 Leatherstocking Cooperstown 9:30am 
June 10 Elmira CC Elmira 1:00pm
June 11
En-Joie GC Binghamton 10:00am
 June 17 Brook-Lea CC Rochester 1:00pm
June 24 Albany CC Albany 8:00am
June 24 Albany CC Albany 2:00pm
July 1
Bellevue CC Syracuse 1:00pm
July 15 Orchard Park CC Buffalo 9:30am 
July 15 Pinehaven CC Albany TBA
July 16 Ravenwood GC Rochester TBA 
July 17 Wiltwyck GC Kingston TBA
July 29 Shaker Ridge CC Albany TBA
July 29 Stafford CC
Rochester 12:00pm
August 2
Yahnundasis GC Utica 1:00pm
August 12
Colonie G&CC Albany TBA
August 13 Seven Oaks GC Utica TBA
Sept. 3 CC of Troy Albany 10:00am
Sept. 16 Skaneateles CC Syracuse TBA
Sept. 30
Schuyler Meadows Loudonville 11:30am


Registration Opens in Three Waves:
February 21st (Wanakah - Albany)
May 14th (Bellevue - Yahnundasis)
June 28th (Colonie - Skaneateles)

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