The NYSGA has a proud tradition of being an Association of Member Clubs dating back to our founding at the Yahnundasis Golf Club in 1923. Today the association is comprised of over 400 member clubs statewide, representing over 36,000 golfers.

Membership Benefits
As a member of an NYSGA member club, you are eligible to participate in NYSGA championships and the NYSGA Amateur Series in which you are eligible. Clubs in the NYSGA USGA/GHIN territory are also eligible to receive this handicapping service as well as access to Golf Genius, the club tournament software program.

Your club will also be listed on the NYSGA Member Club Directory, an interactive map that is searchable by region.

Dues Payment
Each February, the NYSGA mails dues statements to all non-GH
IN clubs. If you are a club who would like to join the NYSGA, complete and mail the 2018 NYSGA Member Club Dues Form with payment enclosed.