Eligibility Requirements

General Eligibility

To compete in NYSGA events, entrants must be an amateur golfer and a member of the NYSGA. A player can be a member of the NYSGA by:

  1. Being a member of a NYSGA Member Club, or
  2. Joining the NYSGA individually as a 2017 eClub Member.

Residency Requirements: Contestants registering for championship play must meet at least one of the following residency conditions below.

  1. A person who maintains his permanent legal place of abode, where physical presence and physical properties are maintained, for no less that 6 months out of a calendar year; or
  2. A student who graduated from a New York State High School, and is currently attending college out of state, but is a dependant of parents or legal guardians that meet the residency conditions; or
  3. Military personnel stationed in New York on active duty.  Residency extends to their spouse and children

NYSGA Policies & Procedures